Recital 2023

Please read all information and review all attachments on this page.

We will have four shows this year. Show dates/times will be: Friday, June 16 at 1 PM, Saturday, June 16th at 6 PM, Saturday, June 17th at 10 AM and Saturday, June 17th at 6 PM.

Rehearsal Days/Times

Tech Rehearsal: TUESDAY, JUNE 13TH  (See Tech Rehearsal Schedule)
Tech Rehearsal: WEDNESDAY, JUNE 14TH  (See Tech Rehearsal Schedule)
Dress Rehearsal: THURSDAY, JUNE 15TH 11:30 AM (Friday & Saturday PM Shows) Check in at 11:00 AM
Dress Rehearsal: THURSDAY, JUNE 15TH 5:30 PM (Saturday AM Show) Check in at 5:00 PM

**If your dancer misses any of the mandatory rehearsals or if you have an outstanding
balance, they will not be able to participate in those dances at any recital or any
remaining recital rehearsals.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does the recital fee cover?  The recital fee covers the cost of renting the auditorium and backstage area, along with sound and lighting, custodial costs, and others. Rather than charging for tickets, your recital fee allows you to bring an unlimited number of guests. It will also cover any decorative props and/or backdrops. All recital fees were due at the time of registration and are non-refundable.
  • What is a “tech” rehearsal? Tech rehearsal gives each dance in the recital a 10 minute time period to run through their dance on the big stage in costume. This helps the dancers learn where to enter, where they stand on stage, what the lights will look like, and gets them a little more comfortable with being on stage. We will have tech rehearsal on both Tuesday and Wednesday (June 11 and 12). Dancers will wear their costumes for tech rehearsal, but are not required to have their hair and stage make-up done. All dancers are expected to arrive one half hour before their scheduled rehearsal times. See tech rehearsal schedule document for exact days and times.
  • Why do we have dress rehearsal too? Dress rehearsal is a complete run through of the show. While tech rehearsal allows every class 10 minutes on stage, dress rehearsal will be a practice of the actual recital. This gives the dancers and faculty a chance to see how the show will look and make any necessary adjustments. Dancers must be in costume, with full hair and stage make-up. All dancers must be checked in one half hour prior to the start of dress rehearsal.
  • What is a costume deposit? For every recital class there will be a costume. Combo classes will have one costume with various pieces to change the costume from a tap, to jazz, and to ballet. Your non-refundable costume deposit was due along with your December tuition. The remaining balance of your costume fees will be due on February 1, 2019. Remaining costume balances are generally $40-$70 per costume, but some costumes may be more or less. A $10 late fee will be applied to your account if your costume balance is not paid in full by February 5th. Costumes will not be handed out until the costume balance has been paid in full. *If you are set up for automatic payment, your full balance due will be withdrawn on the 1st of each month.
  • What else do we need besides a costume? Depending on the class and costume, you may need to purchase tights, shoes, and other accessories. This information will be given to you upon handing out the costumes. Please see shoe requirements on page 3. Hair and makeup requirements for each dance will be given out with costume instructions.
  • When will you hand out costumes? This depends largely on when we receive the costumes. Costumes should be handed out sometime in May. When we have exact dates, we will pass that information along.
  • Do I need tickets to the recital? No-you are welcome to invite as many family members and friends as you’d like with no need for tickets.
  • How can I help? Parents are welcome to volunteer to help with recitals! We will need backstage volunteers, parents handing out programs and helpers up front for check in. We will communicate volunteer opportunities as we get closer. Parents are only allowed backstage if they are volunteering for that rehearsal/show time.
  • Will flowers, recital DVDs and pictures be available? Yes!
    Picture Day is June 1, 2019 at Inspiring Dance – see picture day schedule for exact times.
    Flower and recital DVD order forms will be available in May 2019.
  • What is finale? Finale is the last dance of the show and dancers of all ages are invited to perform! There are separate rehearsals to learn the choreography and an additional fee that covers rehearsal time, finale bottoms and recital t-shirt. Dancers in finale get to be a part of the final bow on stage! We would LOVE to have your dancer involved!